Privacy Policy

Findlowcostflight perceives the concern for the privacy policy to protect your personal information. Our agency follows all the appropriate standards for your safety channels to protect you.


Our website uses cookies, with the help of that our web page shows a customised information according to your need. Cookies will identify the website for its smooth progress. The information we get from it. We use it for our improvement and analysing our services report. The collected information is only used for the improvement in our services.

Types of information we collect

We collect only personal and sensitive information from you, when you visit us. And provide by your choice to us.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Credit card details ( during the payment)

Findlowcostflight doesn’t share or deal with the above mentioned information without your permission.

How we use personal information

The mentioned information, we collect from the customers for the following usage-

● During a Booking

We need your personal details like Name, Age, contact number and other related details for further bookings. We share these details with your service providers only. Like Airlines, Hotels, Taxi drivers, for advance bookings.

● Marketing Promotions

Findlowcostflight uses your contact number and email address details for sending offers and discount schemes in the future. Our agency oftenly sponsors Scheme’s, lucky draws and many more opportunities to win travel and other exciting prizes. This is absolutely optional, users can unsubscribe the service anytime at one click.

● Safeguard information

Sensitive information is only collected at time of making payment and it will be done through payment gateway and bank. So you have to not worry, it is also safe. If it is stored, any of the reasons. We will remain unshared and safe. If it has been shared with a third party while you're browsing, we are not responsible at that time. Sometimes people use this trick to get cashbacks and offers.

Automatic logging out

We recorded the data of the customer from the first session, but they have to login again for safety reasons. Website will automatically log out your account, if you didn’t and leave the site on browse. This will save you from another person, who will access your phone next.

How long do we keep your personal information ?

Findlowcostflight keeps your personal information on the server, as long as it’s necessary to keep with us. For the purpose of listed policy.

Eligibility to transact with Findlowcostflight.

User must at least 18 years, who can directly transact, and process the personal data.